Another powerful female character from the fabulously erotic and intelligent Aeon Flux series. Scafandra is also a secret agent and, like Aeon, works outside the interests of the Breen and Monican social constructs. In line with the tendencies of the series to find some way fo fullfill every sexual fetish imaginable, Scafandra is a tall, strong blonde, wears a bright red dominatrix-esque outfit and has a thick eastern European - sounding accent. She and Aeon are equals, enemies, competitors and allies all at the same time, which also lends to the underlying eroticism of the series.

Many individuals during the Monican/Breen war have lost some body part to the fierce red lasers that form the invisible wall around Bregna. Scafandra lost her feet in this way, but has had transplants of hands to replace them - not only allowing for her to accomplish great feats of acrobatica with the flexibility of hands where her toes should be, but also providing yet another example of Peter Chung's amazingly creative animation.

Scafandra is featured in an episode during the 2nd season of the short-lived series, in which Trevor Goodchild invents a way to capture a person's essence and then clone them limitlessly. Although a cunning and deft secret agent, Scafandra manages to get captured by Trevor and is rendered powerless, gagged and bound, open legged to a chair (oo la la) until she is rescued by Aeon. Once freed, she projects 4 thin metal wires from the heels of her feet and the tip of her tongue and uses them to propell herself out of the room through a small open window far above the floor.

I love this fucking show.

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