Smurfs are the key to make Earth a better world. If we, as humans, can live as they do, we will be much better off.

Smurfs are obviously superior to humans. I mean, really, Gargamel was a human and the smurfs always beat him. Even when Gargamel managed to kidnap one of the smurfs, the rest of them all teamed together to form a perfect society and rescue that one not-so-lucky smurf.

Smurfs are immortal. You never see a smurf die. Even when the jokester smurf gives them a "gift", which turns out to be a bomb, all that happens is their faces get black. And the smurfs laugh about it afterwards!! They take it all in good humor. As opposed to us humans--when somebody gives us a bomb, we get blown to pieces, and if we don't get killed, we're probably pretty fucking pissed. And because they're immortal, they can forever protect the forest that they live in, making it a better place.

Smurfs have the perfect form of government. Although they are clearly communist, their communism is what communism should be on paper--it's the perfect Marxist society! If one smurf's house gets crushed, or destroyed somehow, all the other smurfs will offer them a home until they can grow a new home. They share all the products, eliminating all greed. They have no money, which makes their lives simpler--they don't have to worry about how much bread they can afford.

Smurfs are perfectly in tune with nature. They live in mushrooms--if a house is destroyed, they can just grow a new one. If there's a famine, they can eat their houses. You never see a smurf with garbage, of any kind. This means that they use everything, no matter how insignificant it is. This way, there are no smurf landfills, or smurfs recycling plants, because they can use everything.

Smurfs are forgiving of each other. No matter what clumsy smurf does, nobody yells at him, or gets angry. No matter how many joke bombs the prankster gives out, the other smurfs just laugh at it--they don't have him arrested for attempted murder. This makes them accepting of each other, which is why they're the perfect society.
While I am myself a big fan of the Smurfs, I do not believe that theirs is in any way a perfect society.
  • First, while they do practice a form of collectivism, the right to private property quite clearly remains. In many episodes, this right is taken very seriously by several of the Smurfs. Or, conversely, they can show impatience with that concept. Remember the episode when Tracker Smurf was the only one to prepare for the onset of winter, and how the other Smurfs ganged up on him and tore his coat to pieces?
  • The Smurfs clearly live in an autocratic society, since it is quite clear that they are, as a unit, too stupid to govern themselves without the guidance of Papa Smurf. Notice how easily they adapted to Brainy's repressive regime in the early episode when Papa leaves him in charge. They build Brainy a damn castle!
  • Re: the bomb and forgiveness points. Grouchy annhiliates Jokey with the kerplowie word after receiving an exploding gift. 'Nuff said.
  • Not all humans in the show are bad. What about Johan and Peewit? Or that teenager king guy? Or Homnibus?
  • Several points in one: There is no evidence in the show that a Smurf ever ate his own house. Brainy is constantly yelling at Clumsy for doing stupid things. Individual Smurfs make incessant demands on the talents of the artisan-Smurfs--how many times has Greedy been overwhelmed with specific food requests? Also, they obviously grow old; and though we've never seen a Smurf die per se, there is no evidence that they won't. In any event this is not convincing proof that the Smurf society is superior.

Don't get me wrong--I love the little blue guys. But the reason the show is compelling (well, in its own way, and maybe not after the Smurflings arrived) is that they're not a perfect society, and they have their share of troubles.

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