Smallbore Target Rifle Shooting is not as hardcore as fullbore. It is only shot over small distances (20-50m), and the ammunition is simple lead of size .22 of an inch. (As opposed to copper) Wind does not come into the game at all over these distances. (20-50m is little compared to fullbore distances: 300,600,800, and even 1,000 meters are usually shot -- Special match rifles are required for longer distances such as 1,400m. At these distances the need may arrise for specialised ammunition.)

Some however, believe that smallbore is harder than fullbore. This is because there are 10 divisions on a smallbore target (compared to only 5 at fullbore). In order to obrain a 'posible' (MPS -- Maximum Possible Score) you will have to get your 10 shots within a ring of approximate size 1cm, from a distance of 50m.

This may or may not be harder than getting 10 shots into a 15cm ring at 300m, thought it is difficult to quantify the marginal difficulty induced by the wind factor which has now come in to play.

It is however apparent that 'possibles' are more commonplace in fullbore competition than smallbore.

Target Rifle Shooting...

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