Target Rifle Shooting is a competitive discipline where precision engineered target rifles, high quality ammunition, and skillful shooters come together to produce an astounding display of skill and determination.

Fullbore is the more hardcore variety of target rifle shooting (compare: smallbore). Typically 7.62mm or 5.56mm ammunition is used in this sport.

In order to win a proper competition at A-Grade (eg. the National Queen's) you will require the best equipment, much brain power, a calm attitude, and much much much practice.

To give you some idea of home competitive this sport can get... The V-Bull of a 300m target is approx. 7cm in diameter, the 5-Ring is about 15cm in diameter. They will both score you 5 points, however, should you miss your 15cm window of opportunity from 300m away (typically with no magnification telescope) -- be it a slip of your finger, or incorrect judgement of the wind conditions -- you will likely drop out of the leader board (assuming you where there to start with!) Yes, if you want to win the Queen's you need a perfect score! Not only that, but you also need to have a reasonably high number of V-Bulls!



Target Rifle Shooting...

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