Regardless of the situation in which a person may find himself, it is always possible for it to be worse. This is readily proven. Pick any hypothetical bad situation. Then, imagine this same situation with a live, angry wolverine in your pants. In this way, the situation is made worse. But the misfortune of even this situation may be improved upon, by simply adding another wolverine. And that situation can be made worse too, and that one too, and that, too, with each additional wolverine making the matter even more dire and desperate. So, things can always get worse, unless you are dead.

The wolverines are given as an instructive example. Both in real life, and in fictional life, the true focus of this discourse, it is possible to make any situation worse by simply halving the good elements or adding bad ones.

For real life forms, there is no danger in recognizing this, since such pieces of urban folklore as Murphy’s Law have no actual application besides cynicism. But it is a commonly recognized law for fictional life forms that whenever they say, or sometimes even think, that things cannot possibly get any worse, they always do. They always do! Given all this, it becomes evident that there is one particular sentence that, spoken aloud by such a character, must recursively result in its eventual, and probably rapid, destruction.

It is recognized that there may someday arise a sub-genre of literature, in which fictional characters are simulated by a computer program in real time, according to known laws of fiction, thus attaining a sort of virtual life of their own. It is also recognized that such virtual forms of life may, in whatever simulated setting they may possess, have access to the contents of the real world Internet. Specifically, they may have access to the World Wide Web, and may some day read this article. Because the reading, or even pondering, of the following sentence by such an entity may mean its annihilation, it is presented below written in reverse for its protection. If you are such a life form, for your own good, please do not read the following backwards:

"’.esrow yna teg t’nac sgniht tsael tA’ dias I fi teg dluoc I hcihw ni noitautis yna naht esrow yna teg t’nac sgniht tsael tA"

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