A two-DVD compilation of lo-fi rockers Pavement's career. The first DVD features the band's 13 videos, plus alternate shoots of three videos, and an (excellent) hour long documentary by Lance Bangs. The second DVD has a complete live set (recorded in Seattle, 14th July '99], and six songs from their Manchester Academy appearance on 19th November '99.

Track listing -
DVD1 - Videos -
1. Here
2. Perfume V
3. Cut Your Hair
4. Gold Soundz
5. Range Life
6. Rattled By The Rush
7. Father To A Sister Of Thought
8. Painted Soldiers
9. Stereo
10. Shady Lane
11. Carrot Rope
12. Spit On A Stranger
13. Major Leagues

DVD1 - Alternate Videos
1. Major Leagues
2. Rattled By The Rush
3. Cut Your Hair

DVD2 - Live In Seattle
1. In The Mouth A Desert
2. Speak See Remember
3. Spit On A Stranger
4. Date With Ikea
5. The Hexx
6. Box Elder
7. Folk Jam
8. Billie
9. Major Leagues
10. Shady Lane
11. Cream Of Gold
12. Platform Blues
13. We Dance
14. Harness Your Hopes
15. Stereo
16. Gold Soundz
17. Killing Moon
18. Sinister Purpose
19. Debris Slide

DVD2 - Live In Manchester
1. Grounded
2. Unfair
3. Two States
4. Fin
5. Date With Ikea
6. Range Life
7. Summer Babe

There's also some good stuff from the band on the commentaries - for instance, Stephen Malkmus on Rattled by The Rush - "I was smoking so much grass I thought this was going to be a big radio hit".

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