Slickity Jim's Chat n' Chew (or Slickity's, for short) is a diner located at 2513 Main Street in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Slickity's sits on the west side of Main Street, just south of Broadway. Always boasting a clientele of artists, disenfranchised hipsters and Main Street eccentrics, Slickity's is the place to go if you wake up with a rumble in your tummy and a hankering for inspiration.

When the bus drops you off outside of the doors, there will probably be a line-up if it's the weekend. Write your name, and how many of you there are, on the waiting list taped on the counter. If there's no room at the bar, no worries — head next door to Lugz Coffee Lounge and have a drink while you're waiting. Just be sure to write "Lugz" next to your name on the list, and they'll come get you when your table's ready.

Most of the seating is in small booths. The decor is a beautiful cornucopia of kitsch and crap, with the tiny space covered in ornate wallpaper, mannequin heads, empty picture frames, old globes, cat clocks, maps, plastic fishes, Jesus tapestries, and portraits. Feel lucky if you get the window seat with the old typewriter and the giant, plastic-flower-covered lamp overhead.

The dishes are a pretty good mix of standard breakfast fare (bennys, omelettes, french toast) with some unique bits thrown in to keep it interesting and delicious. Carnivores and herbivores alike will find something here. Slickity's always features a special or two (which sell out often on the weekends) and a smoothie of the day. Even the more boring dishes (of which there are few) have interesting, snicker-worthy names, and even better descriptions, such as "A Breakfast Called H.A.T.E.","We Don't Need No Eggs and Bacon", and the "Salad of the Renaissance", described as

"(a) soft, delicate poached pear guided by a most subtle and divine goat feta as they laze about a garden of wild greens, mingling with fresh herbs and sundried black olives with implied subtleties that only a lemon and olive oil vinaigrette can provide."

The wait staff are all hip, funny and relaxed people with funky shoes and an incredible ability to keep your coffee cup filled at all times. Basic breakfasts can start at cheap-o diner prices (under $5) and go up from there. Best of all, it's the place to go if you like to savour your coffee with a long, drawn out conversation on the meaning of life, how to best poach an egg, or who is the cutest hipster in the joint — no matter how long the line-up, you'll never get rushed or guilted out of Slickity's.

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