Slaves On Dope is an amazing DIY metal band out of Montreal, Quebec. Formed in 1994, their first release was a homebrew tape titled Feet. Their first 'real' recording, Sober, was also completely DIY, and helped the Slaves make a name for themselves in their hometown. They toured the country intensively for several years, they built up their contacts and repertoire. In 1999, demo tape in hand, they moved to Los Angeles and started working the LA club circuit. There they opened for bands like Papa Roach, Motorhead, and System of a Down. They eventually signed with Divine Recordings, and released their debut, Inches From The Mainline.

Slaves On Dope Are:


If you're a fan of nu-metal, or just looking for something to switch it up a bit, check these guys out. If you're one of those individuals who uses the file sharing client of their choice, I would recomend you go check out the track I Can't Die. And then, of course, go buy the album.

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