My heart trembles as I watch the stars shoot by the emblazoned "N" in the upper right hand corner of my browser, knuckles clenched white aginst the firm texture of the office chair arm rests. Holding my breath in restless anticipation.

I feel the seconds turn to minutes which then transform into hours as the time goes by, awaiting the presence of a progress monitor, a graphic, or any sign of life.

My brain seizes, the prospect of being without CmdrTaco, Hemos or even Jon Katz for even a mere moment terrifies it beyond recognition.

What shall I do?

How shall I spend the idle hours between meetings and tasks?
What shall be my oasis of geekdom within the stark cold confines of my cubicle?
From where else could I get my daily dose of News for Nerds or Stuff that Matters?

I stare at the blank grey void of my browser and contemplate this all in silence.

What to do?
Where to go?

In desperation I click reload and begin the waiting routine again. Small beads of sweat form on my brow and I wonder if I shall read an article from the heart-renderin-soul-barin' dept. ever again.

A widget!
The soothing green title bar, the poll!, and again I must vote for CowboyNeal, all is well.


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