Ski School is one of the worst reviewed movies ever made, although it does undeniably have its loyal fanbase. A 1991 film that could best be summed up as a lower rent derivation from Animal House on a ski slope, the premise is the typical paper-thin plot of a rivalry play between the stuck-up ski instructors of "Section One," lead by snootily effective instructor Reid Janssens, and the wacky beer-guzzling, pussy-chasing party animals of "Section Eight" (wink wink, nudge nudge, get it, section eight, the Army code for insanity-discharge), led by ski instructor Dave Marshak, who apparently rarely actually teaches anyone to ski. The crux of the film is where the various groups of ski instructors must compete in the big ski tournament, which, naturally, Section Eight just must win in order to stay on the slopes.

In order to beat the stuffy bad guys -- and other innocent bystander competitors -- Section Eight pulls wacky shenanigans like pouring oil on the snow to make their competitors slip and fall, or having buxom ladies flash passing skiers to make their competitors slip and fall, or doing various other dirty deeds of that nature to make their competitors slip and fall. Moral of the story? It's okay to cheat if the stakes are high and the other guys are stuffed shirts who are merely competent at what they do (and rather arrogant about it, rather than fun). Also, women of sufficiently low self esteem will expose their breasts in the freezing cold of the snowy slopes in order to help their men prevail in contrived pitched battles for mountain rights. High fives all around.

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