written to a compatriot in a far-off place, sometime last may, when the dogwoods were in bloom...

silver bubblewrap, bright blue euphoria
tangerine taste of a marmalade river
sunwashed silk on the ever present blue...

rhubarb utopia, yellow green
she can't describe the things that she's been
will you be waiting on the other side for me...?

she holds the ocean close to her heart now
she said she'd go back to the place where she started
just as a favour she was coming home to you...

you see the salt stains from the tears on her cheeks
she's been on trial for three very long weeks
you hold her hope on a long thin silver chain...

all that she wanted was the calm of your sleep
she counted you among the things she could keep
but now you've left her, but you won't let go the chain...

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