I was at the local city's health branch a while ago, and there was a notice on the wall.

It was a warning about scurvy.

I couldn't believe it! Before this, my only encounter with scurvy was in the Monkey Island games, or general high-seas lore. I had to investigate further.

While speaking with the rep behind the counter, I brought it up. Apparantly, the students at nearby University of Victoria's most notorious ailment was Scurvy, affecting 1 in 6 students. When students are questioned about their eating habits, most showed ignorance in the 4 food groups by saying...

"I thought the yellow stuff was healthy!"

So, fellow noders, a warning to you all. The yellow powdered cheese in Kraft dinner is NOT a vegetable, nor is the pasta it is made on.

Captain Weasello's Health Tip: Do what I do. Make a point to eat a salad once per week. There's some good cheap ones at your local grocery store, but if you don't want the effort and have some cash to spare I'd recommend Wendy's BLT-Salad.

Edit: Scurvy means you need FRUIT, doesn't it? Damn. The yellow stuff isn't a FRUIT, EITHER!

Avalyn says: {I'm a pirate and happen to know that} Scurvy can be easily fought off with Vitamin C pills, as it is mainly a Vitamin C deficiency. That way there's no mucking around in the food groups.

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