A character in Orson Scott Card's four-part Ender's Game series, Si Wang Mu first appears in Xenocide.

Si Wang Mu is a highly intelligent Chinese girl born on the Taoist world of Path. She is a member of the servant class on a world where all the ruling class are 'godspoken', or receive messages from the gods that force them to obsessive-compulsively repeat actions until the gods stop compelling them. Her name is said to mean 'Royal Mother of the West', the name of an ancient Chinese god.

Wang Mu is taken into the service of a young godspoken girl, Han Qing Jao, who endeavours to educate her in return for Wang Mu's service as a secret maid, a lady's maid who will keep her mistress' confidences and serve her personally. However, Qing Jao underestimates Wang Mu's ambition and intelligence when Qing Jao is asked to work on an important project for her father Han Fei Tzu, another godspoken man.

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