In the Church of the Subgenius, the Short Duration Personal Savior - or Shordurpersav - is anything that a SubGenius finds exceedingly cool or interesting at any particular time. In the words of Pamphlet #1:

"The True SubGenius accepts into his heart, as his own personal savior, anyone or anything with which he happens to be impressed at the moment."

It is a concept that reflects the neophilic nature of the group, while fulfilling the very real desire to blindly worship something, even if it's only for a few minutes.

Shordurpersavs change from day to day, even moment to moment, as the Subgenius finds new things to look at, take apart, or otherwise molest. His car could be a Shordurpersav when it somehow miraculously gets him home even after the fuel gauge has pointed at empty for thirty miles. It could be an amazing node, or a noder he currently admires. A hero/villain/extra of a movie or TV show could be a Shordurpersav, for as long as they are inspiring in some way. It could be a sandwich, a cigarette, a marital aid, the author of a particularly raunchy limerick, or even an actual spiritual leader if he's a real perv.

Perhaps the best part of the Shordurpersav is that, since the Subgenius knows its influence will wear off soon, he is under no obligation to tell anyone else about it. This is particularly useful when a past or current Shordurpersav stops being impressive and says or does something that could cause embarassment, if one was known to associate with them! (But one isn't, unless one's been shooting one's mouth off, in which case one should really know better by now, honestly.)

There has been passing mention in certain newsgroups about the existence of Londurpersavs, but it hasn't seemed to have caught on. This isn't altogether surprising given the attention span of your average Subgenius.


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