Paul Bellini was a writer on The Kids in the Hall and was the focus of an on-going skit where viewers were encouraged to touch or poke him in various ways (sticks, forks etc). Bellini is a rather swarthy fellow and he would make frequent appearances on Kids in the Hall wearing just a towel. Poking his plump, white, nearly naked furry body was not what you'd call an entirely appealing proposition. Hence the joke.

Bellini was given the final moment on the final The Kids in the Hall show. In the final scene, he strode across the Kids' grave, replete in his customary towel and commented, finally, "Thank God that's over with." (These are the only words he actually uttered on the show, despite a number of appearances.)

After Kids in the Hall, Bellini worked as a writer for a Canadian news show called This Hour Has 22 Minutes and co-authored a book with Kids Scott Thompson based on Thompson's flamboyantly gay character Buddy Cole.

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