The act of raiding your basement for long lost, but still wearable, articles of clothing. Particularily useful when you:

1. have nothing to wear
2. are trying to achieve the (highly fashionable) "Yes, my jeans have a hole in the ass and my sweatshirt has seen better days, wtf is it to you?" look
3. have nothing to do on a rainy day
4. are flat broke

All in all, a highly enjoyable activity.

Are you perhaps babysitting? Watching carefully over several young children, each complaining of boredom?

Fear not. The basement is your best friend.

Creep down the stairs to a magical place that might even be as cool; as your attic. There could be boxes upon boxes of "stuff" just waiting for you to discover their insides, closets of old and forgotten clothes from generations of high school careers at your disposal. What fun!

So the kids are jumping with joy at all their new-found treasure. You're relieved that they've found something to do to distract them from bickering. You suddenly have a thought; why not turn this delight into a full-fledged learning experience?

Each child is supplied with exactly two hundred dollars worth of Monopoly money. Each item found in the boxes or closets are assigned a price. You're intent on teaching these young kiddies the fundamentals of mathematics, money, and shopping for "things".

The idea went quite well for awhile. The children wereplaying nicely. You were without a headache. The basement seemed to resemble a perfect world in which capitalism ruled.

Out of the corner of your eye, all hopes were dashed... one of the greedy; little children was sorting through the Monopoly box, pulling out fifty and hundred dollar bills!

A theif, a liar, a counterfeiter amongst this carefree basement supermarket. What is a babysitter to do? Is this crime worthy of a stern talking to, or a length of time on the Bad Chair in the corner? Or is it terrible enough to mention to the parents when they arrive home?

Look at the children. Just look at them. They laugh, they smile, they prance around in white high heels from their mother's disco days. They're just kids.

So don't worry.

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