Shlonglor is the owner of of the website of the same name. He calls his new website Everything But Gaming (EBG), because in the old school days it was one of the top Warcraft 2 pages around. Shlonglor was one of the top War 2 players in his day, and really at the time was at the height of his power as an internet personality. He shares things he finds interesting and his witty comments with everybody else. He had tactics and maps for War 2, a whole wealth of imformation back in the day.

Then he got a job at Blizzard Entertainment (makers of Warcraft 2) as a web designer, and put up his page as it exists in its current form, limiting it to just his comments. He is very rightwing, and thus somewhat controversial, but if you can stomach it and/or agree with him, you might want to give his page a visit, it can have cool stuff on it, but its peak has obviously passed, just becoming some glorified personal homepage.

Shlonglor, the online pseudonym of one Geoff Fraizer.

Shlonglor's claim to fame was playing Blizzard Entertainment's classic release WarCraft II. Shlonglor spent so much time and got so good at WarCraft2 he made his own website. That website was chock full of strategy and maps and files and it got so huge and popular that Blizzard was impressed with it.

Shlonglor eventually got hired by Blizzard and moved to Irvine to work as their webmaster, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t do any actual web design or graphics design. Shlonglor curates his original WarCraft2 strategy guide called the Dark Portal along with various other projects in Blizzard’s online realm.

In 1998, after Shlonglor was hired by Blizzard he made a new page, which was actually an Everything/Nothing page before that kind of thing ever got popular. Because he was under various NDA contracts and plus he was so well-known by fans in the Blizzard community he didn't want to have a webpage that would ever talk about video games because then he might be called biased, hence the title Everything But Gaming.

Shlonglor has a knack for usually being the first to start the meme's, the first to break some actual news people care about, and the first to voice his opinion on something, anything. In fact Shlonglor actually provides some interesting tidbits of news like being the first to talk about that Californian MSN $400 rebate or that monitor deal which were quite useful.

Everything But Gaming now encompasses a wide variety of subjects, most notably CARS since Shlonglor is such a fanatic for being speed racer with his Civic Si in that desolate town called Irvine. There's also tons of information about his previous work experience at some grocery store place, stuff about food and living, entertainment, and of course how much student loans suck. Also recently Shlonglor has been talking more and more about video games so I guess the title of the page is a bit outdated.

Also like the previous noder said, Shlonglor is an outright right-wing zealot and is very religious, though he would rant and sermonize very little unless it really irks him. His views often elicits cheers and jeers alike but if you don't like to be told what to think then just be smart and skip that part.

The old running gag that people talked about Shlonglor was associating him with bread. Apparently his obsession with bread is so profound and picky he's close to borderline Jerry Seinfeld-gay.

Shlonglor attended Andrews University in Michigan.

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