This is a song by Ween, from the album The Pod.

Despite the fact that he keeps using the word "fuck," this is a sweet song. It's slowed down and garbled a bit, and the singer sounds too close to the microphone, but it is entertaining to listen to. In the background the entire time, someone is saying "Pork roll egg and cheese, on a kaiser bun," which is a line from "Pork Roll Egg and Cheese."

She's in my arms, she's in my heart, yeah.
Pins and needles up and down my spine.
We're together, she really digs me now.
She fucks me.

In the end he's just repeating, "She fucks me, she fucks me," and finally "she fucks me now, yeah." Then he laughs anemically.

This song is © 1991 by Ween, Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp/Ver Music/Browndog Music/BMI.

The Pod
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