An yearly week-long series produced by Discovery, Shark Week is about...well,sharks. It usually runs a one-hour show each day of the week about various topics. in 1999 they ran a contest where if you won first place you got to go to Florida and swim with sharks (very cool.). This year the name was changed to Shark Week Uncaged and featured a segements between shows of Nigel diving with all sorts of sharks, 3D segements about shark species, and "Fin Time", a segement where Discovery would show us a place or thing that was shark-ish. (One night they had a house with a giant fiberglass shark sticking out of the roof, another night was "The Sharkmobile", a car dressed up to look like a shark.)

Unfortunetly, Discovery will replays shows from previous Shark Weeks, and so the coolness the series had when I first started watching years ago. Still, it's good viewing, even when Nigel was being hyper.

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