An orca, or "killer whale", who is held in captivity inside a pen in Florida where he is obligated to perform stunts for others' amusement in order to receive food. Possibly the most misfortunate creature in the world.

I can't dispute Clayco's description of poor old Shamu, for he is, indeed, an orca in captivity. But he's so much more than that: he's several orcas in captivity!

There's Shamu at Florida SeaWorld and Shamu at San Diego SeaWorld. Then there's Baby Shamu, for whom presumably Shamu is responsible, no doubt with the aid of his able and lovely assistant Mamu.

And I recently saw, up here in Toronto, a fleet of 10 new VW bugs with waves painted on the sides, fins on top, and tails on the back: yes kids, it's "Shamu Across America"! The website ( informs me that these are "Shamu Cruisers" which are "navigated by SeaWorld employees" who are "looking for fun from coast to coast". Look out kids!

(I am not making this up.)

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