Star Trek (TOS) novel #22: Shadow Lord by Laurence Yep.

A pretty good book told mainly from Lt. Sulu's point of view. There were a few problems, such as Spock smiling occationally, but other than that it's pretty good.

(Also, on the cover of my copy it shows Spock, Lt. Sulu, and a human-looking Price Vikram facing kik-kiks the size of humans, but according to the book, Vikram and his people are furry, and kik-kiks are closer to rat size. Why don't the cover artists ever read the books they're cover-artisting?)


Prince Vikram is escorted back to his home planet, Angira, by Spock and Lt. Sulu only to find that many of it's citizens are near revolt due to the kings botched-up attempts at modernization.

Shortly after Prince Vikram returns to Angira, Lord Rahu's men murder all the royal family (except Vikram, who escapes). Vikram, Sulu, and Spock have to get to Kotah to either try to live until the Enterprise returns or mount an army to stop Lord Rahu from returning Angira back to the state it was before, when the peasants had no rights what-so-ever.

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