I have no problem with sex; lets get that straight right off the bat. I love sex; I love seeing naked women, but there is a time and there is a place. It has come to the point where it is not only tacky (which I don’t mind) but also annoying. When T&A interrupts the flow of useful information, you have gone too far.

Today, while waiting for the nude photos (taken of myself and a few friends while very drunk) to develop, I was perusing the limited selection of periodicals at Fred Meyers. I came across a magazine called PC Accelerator, which had a risqué photo of John Romero’s wife on the cover. I thought to myself, "Cool, I will be able to catch upon all the games I have been missing lately". It was not to be so. The inside was so cluttered with bikini girls and reviews of live porn cams that the game content was hard to determine at a glance and even more impossible to glint anything useful from in the short period of time I had (I put a rush order on my photo’s so the guy behind the counter wouldn't make copies for himself(TMI, TMI, it's part of the story, don’t be a prude)).

I feel that certain things just don't mix, such as gaming reviews and John Romero’s wife half naked. Do you not think that perhaps as Americans we are a bit over-sexed by now? Go get laid, why must you lace my gaming sources with busty women? If I want women in bras I would pick up a Victoria Secret catalogue, where the women are more attractive, and wearing even less, and it's free.

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