A hentai manga that is absolutly amazing. It was the most popular hentai in Japan in 1995 for its abundance of bodily fluids.

It starts out where a junkie teacher is administering a bunch of students during a test. She is thinking in her head about how horny she is, and starts to imagine the boys in the class ripping her clothes off, and having hot and juicy sex with her. Meanwhile a student can't take his gym class midterm, and the teacher asks why. He replies that "I have medical reasons". The teacher asks what they are, and quietly responds that he can't wear shorts because his penis is too big. She dosen't believe him, and asks for a demonstration, another hot and very wet bout of sex entails.

The rest of the series revolves around the gym class boy, the gym teacher, and the other teacher. The two teachers blackmail the boy into continously having sex with them. A few other characters are introduced, more sex, more juices. A perfect example of hentai to its full potential.

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