Seventeen Seconds is an album I've been looking for without knowing it for years. Ever since first hearing The Cure's music, I've never been able to really get into any of their full-length releases, although some of the early '90's maxi-singles such as Pictures of You grabbed me.

Then one night in Everyday Music, I heard an oddly familiar, haunting sound - it was the Cure for sure, but nothing I had heard reminded me a little bit of Depeche Mode's 1982 album A Broken Frame. I checked the "currently playing" rack, and it was Seventeen Seconds. The rest is history - the album is entrancingly minimal, quiet, even spellbinding. I've said enough, now go listen to it.

Seventeen Seconds, the Cure's second album, was released in 1980, and produced by Robert Smith and Mike Hedges.


1. A Reflection
2. A Forest
3. Secrets
4. In Your House
5. Three
6. The Final Sound
7. Play For Today
8. M
9. At Night
10. Seventeen Seconds

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