Settlers 3. The 3rd part from the fantastic and known settlers serie. Settlers 3 is a strategy game. The most important thing is to make a good economy, and later a big army to kill the enemy(s). There are much buildings, from Food buildings like farms, mills, bakeries etc. to weapon buildings like barracks, weapons smids etc. In the game are 3 different races: Egypts, Romans and Asians. Both with different buildings and possibilitys

Egypts: A race where you can make very fast soldiers.
Romans: The easyst where you can get really fast a good and well upgraded armie.
Asians: Slow at the beginning becouse they need much wood. But later in the game they will be very good and fast.

There is some expansion stuff for settlers3:

Settlers 3 quest of the amazons(include a new race)
Settlers 3 expansion pack(include level editor and new levels)

Settlers 4 is the next part where the beta start in mid septmber 2000. Look at for more info.

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