Yesterday I spent many hours on the computer writing, tweeting, and chatting with friends. This was my life for many years, the pattern was familiar which helped ease some of the homesickness and loneliness I've felt in the past. Tomorrow I go back to work, next week the girls return so I'm taking the time to cherish these quiet precious moments. One of the things I've been frustrated with recently is how I've put off important tasks like making a dental appointment. Years ago I read an article about planning the week in advance, when I do that things go more smoothly and I'm more efficient and productive, but I've procrastinated on that and let this past week slip away into chaos.

The good news is I can start this week fresh. I made the beef roast that had been sitting in the fridge. I started cleaning it out and then got distracted. Focus is another trait I'm trying to develop. I'm inconsistent and that sabotages my best efforts. I have my schedule for the rest of September and all of October done, I feel good about getting that to my manager, I'm contemplating changing my hours for November and going in during the middle of the day when the girls are with their dad. It's nice to be able to sit around and sleep in when I can, I like getting in to work and getting off early, but maybe going in later and driving home during off peak traffic hours makes some sense.

I want to share more of the opening hours at work, but the selfish part of me doesn't want to give them up, it's something to consider since it would only be every other week and I may enjoy working those hours more than the ones I have now. Another thing I want to be working on is goal setting and prioritization. Time slips away when I don't have goals. I have vague ideas, but no real sense of future and purpose. The other day at work a guy was talking about his plans for the future, I was envious of his vision and realize that I need to be setting some goals and holding myself more accountable. Yesterday I read a great article on priorities. According to this article being able to effectively prioritize is a key component of success.

The article states that prioritization is a matter of determining what the most important things to be done are, and focusing on those instead of the things that seem important, and may be, but can be delegated or saved for a future date and time. A good example of this is my personal paperwork. I bought some organizational supplies and tackled the paperwork in my plastic bin, but after going through it I realize I made very little headway since there are some papers you can't throw away or recycle. I spent a lot of time doing something that didn't need to be done, made little progress, and frustrated myself while increasing my anxiety. A better use of my time would have been going for a walk.

I'm happy that I was able to get some extra sleep today. I like to wake up early and sit around reading while I drink my water. If I go for a walk right away I seem to start and end the day in a mildly dehydrated thirsty state whereas if I start my day with my water my fluid intake is better. The challenge there is I have a hard time getting up after I sit down, a better strategy would have been to read on the couch, but I've been computer and writing deprived so I'm trying to cram it in now and make up for some lost time. I still haven't heard from the guy I like. Yesterday I talked to a friend of mine about it. It's hard, but I know I'm doing the right thing by letting him come to me. 

Today I need to get some cooking done or I will be behind the eight ball for meals this week. I'm nervous about money so I don't want to go grocery shopping, but my hands hurt from not having gloves to wear when I clean and do dishes. I'm not sure if that's the gluten or something else. I'm used to well water which is nicer than this horrid city water, but then I have to stop and be grateful for things like clean water to drink, shower, and give my plants. Speaking of plants I'd like a few more, my mom offered me some, I just have to figure out what I need and where I can put things. I still have too much stuff, but I've made some significant mental and emotional inroads. I feel pretty good today. Determined to enjoy the rest of my day off, but get things done as well. Need to be more disciplined, but have fun too. Balance is the key, I haven't been great about this in the past, but today is a fresh start and I know I can improve given time.

All my best,


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