Author: Cockington, James
Publisher: New Holland
Date Published: 31/10/1999
ISBN: 1864363177
Number of pages: 160

"This guide to the more unusual and less well-known areas of Sydney includes: purposely concealed places such as the homes of publicity-shy local celebrities; the locations of famous past events; and the locations for filming well-known Sydney soap operas."
-Bookshop Blurb


"Essential companion for the urban explorer - visitor or local - committed to discovering the secret heart of one of the world's great cities."
-dstore blurb


"Secret Sydney is good for the health, because it encourages discovery tours on foot. Packed with crisply told anecdotes, it gives offbeat information about well-known places (such as Sydney's favorite suicide spot, the Gap, where in 1960, as publicity for his film Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock pretended he was about jump); little known ``sacred sites'' (including the house where the Whitlams celebrated electoral victory in 1972); buildings that have disappeared (among them one of my old stamping grounds - the Balmoral temple built in the 1920s so that members of a cult could watch Jesus walk through Sydney Heads); and strange memorials (such as a plaque on the rock from which Leonard Teale, star of TV's Homicide, admired the harbor).

Cockington's wryly nostalgic book should appeal to those who regret most of what has happened to the city in the past 40 years. "
-The Age

That's more like it.....

Oh-so-much more than a guidebook! A chance-heard interview with James Cockington on Triple J sent me scurrying from store to store, primarily for the story of Eternity and the abandoned railway tunnels. And then there was more...... Where's the Melbourne version????

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