In the hit BBC show Monty Python's Flying Circus, many animations were featured that were the work of Python member Terry Gilliam. However, although the animations were his, Mr. Gilliam did very little acting. In fact, he usually had only one token role in each episode. Not only that, but those roles were never major characters and rarely had more than one or two lines.

The lack of Gilliam-acting makes for a fun game, which I like to call "Searching for Terry Gilliam" or "Find the Terry Gilliam". Essentially, you watch an episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus, and try to spot his role. Some episodes are easy, such as episode 26's Man with a stoat through his head. Others are insanely difficult. One such example of this was his unusually articulate role as Mr. Philips. The reason this was hard was the fact that Terry Gilliam was in a gorilla costume and must be identified by voice.

Now you too can search for Terry Gilliam! Remember to check people in crowds, random soldiers or guards in the background, and even the occasional nude organist*. Happy hunting!

*Actually, the part of the nude organist was played by Terry Jones in every episode but one. I'm not going to tell which one that was; you have to find it yourself, but once you do, stop searching that role.

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