I love Omniweb, it might be the best Web browser for Mac OS X. Unfortunately, the E2 Javascript search buttons just don't seem to work with Omniweb. Yes, the browser doesn't like Java, but it's coming along nicely in the new betas.

Anyways, I've discovered a way to search for things on E2 using the location bar. Now instead of having to type out a long URL or click the toolbar bookmark then wait, then type, and go down the "Findings:" list, you can get there quicker.

Long Story short, I type in "E2 Ninjas" in the location bar and Omniweb takes me right to Ninjas

1. Go to the Omniweb menu, next to the Apple menu.
2. Go Down to "Preferences..."
3. Click "Shortcuts" (or Show All first if you need)
4. Hit the + button to make a new entry.
5. Click the shortcut "somewhere", and change it to "E2@"
6. Change the Destination URL to "http://www.everything2.com/?node=%@"

Now close the preferences box and give it a shot!

Type in "E2 Bingo parlors" and in seconds you should see TheFez's writeup.

It gets better. You could make it so that if you typed in "me" it would bring up your homenode. Just add a new entry in the preferences, with your homenode URL as-is, and the shortcut "me" (just leave out the @)

Omniweb also has google search enabled as well, so if you type in "google something" it'll bring up google's results for something.

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