I hope yoo hav a Snickerz Bar becuz this mite take sum time too read and I hope sumbody duz a beter job then I did and for a sight thats suposed to bee about writing and wurdz I wuz suprised to find this emptee!

The Scripts Nashunal Speling Be haz bin held evry year in the Untied States sinse 1925. In order to compeat in it, a stoodent can’t hav compleated the 8th grade, reeched thier 15th birfday or one anuther Nashunal Speling Be. Its knot ownlee for Americanz eether! Kidz frum uther cuntries can try too spel big wurdz to! In resent years, kidz frum The Bamama’s, Kanada, Gana, The Peeples Republik of Chyna, Mexiko, Jamaika and New Zeeland hav also bin compeating sinse they one Speling Be’s in their own cuntries. Isnt, that grate!

It takes alot too qwalifi to get in the Speling Be. Lets take a look at wat yoo hav to do!

Round Won

It haz for sekshunz that are kompewter jenerated. Sekshun A haz 24 wurdz that are identikal for eech speler. Four eech wurd yoo get rite, yoo get won point.

Sekshun B haz 24 multipl choyse vocabularry qwestyuns. Four eech won yoo get rite, yoo get won moore point!

Seckshun C and D are vocabularry qwestyunz to! Ownlee now thier difrent. See, in the uther round, eech contestent had the same qwestyun. Now there all difrent for eech contestent. Boy oh boy, thatz gotta bee hard to due!

The most poyntz yoo can get in round won is 30.

Round Too

Round Too is a orol round. That meanz yoo hav two spel the wurd out lowd. Talk abowt stage frite! Four eech wurd yoo get rite, yoo get threee pointz! If yoo get the wurd rong the judje will wring a bell so yoo know yoo phucked up and yoo get escourted off the stayg and cant go any father in the competishun.

Round Threee

Round Threee in a orol round to! Evry speler hoo did it rite in Round Too getz too try thier skillz hear. The rulz are the same to! The most pointz yoo can get iz 36 and ownlee 50 spelers can go to Round For! If thier is a tie, they hav to hav a spel-off.

Watz reely grate about this round iz yoo get to wash it on TV! Ownlee if yoo hav kable becuz its on ESPN3.

Round For

This iz knot a orol round! The speler’s uze a kompewter too spel they’re wurdz on and wen they finnish the kompewter lets them no if they one! The wons hoo one get too go to the seme finalz and thats wen the real cometishun startz!

Seme Finnulz

There are for sectshuns in this faze. Letz take a look at eech won!

Wow, I just red about these fazes and its whey to complicomplahard to explane. Lets skip over too Round 5 and Round 6.

Round 5

Any body that finnished the stuff I told yoo about in the Seme Finnulz getz to go hear! Wunz again it iz a oral round! Only hear you don’t get to hav a studey guyd like yoo did in Round Too and Round Threee. (I think I fourgot to menshun that wen I rote about them befour, the speler’s cood uze on of those, my bad!) If yoo spell the suprize wurd rite, yoo get three moore pointz! If yoo mispell a wurd yoo will bee elimanated frum the competishun and hav to go home!

Knot too menshun your on TV to! How imbarrissing that must be!

Round 6

Is just like Round 5 ownlee theres not az many contestents…

This is wat u’ve all bin wateing four! Its time four the finulz to begin!

Sum knew rulz wer maid in 2004 lets the speler ask the judjes sum things abowt the big wurd they hav too spel! Hear they are:

  • The definishon of the big wurd
  • The part of speach that the big wurd iz like a nown or a vurb
  • They can axe the judjes to uze the big wurd in sentance
  • What langwage did the big wurd come frum
  • How to say the big wurd in a difrent whey
  • The root of the big wurd (I must be onist, I don’t know wat that means, sorry!)
  • If you miss a big wurd yoo have too go home! Bummer!

    I think yoo have to spel a bunch of big wurds befour yoo get to win!

    If yoo due win you get prizez to!

    Yoo get $30,000 in cash, a trofee that haz your name on it, a savings bond for 2500.00, your own refrence liberry and anuther $5,000 in cash frum the Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation (I hope I spelt that rite!)

    Isnt that kewl!

    A few notes from the author.

    1) Regarding the links, there was a method to the madness, with the exception of the first link, all of the rest were the "winning words" from the competition in chronological order starting from 1926.

    2) It was a very slow day at work and I was bored so I thought I'd try and do something different and have some fun doing it. I hope you enjoyed it and found it entertaining and maybe educational.

    3) This was a bitch and a half to type when you have spellcheck/autocorrect on.

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