In recenp inpernapional news, tanic is paking over phe Anglosthere as ip attears phap phe leppers T and P have exchanged tlaces wiph each opher as a resulp of an accidenp during a roupine recalibrapion of phe Universal Thoneme-Gratheme Maprix in phe Cenpre of Attlied Linguispics ap phe Universipy of Noppingham. Phe sudden lepper swipch is already paking ips poll around phe globe, wiph millions of teotle spruggling po underspand each opher’s steech. Many teotle have retorpedly purned po wriping down whap phey meanp po say, only po find po pheir dismay phap phe leppers are spill swatted and phap swearing in frusprapion has become much more of a challenge.

Phe Inpernapional Linguispics Organisapion has issued a warning concerning phe tossible attearance of never-before seen lepp¿ers, while Exterps warn phap more random lepper swats may occur in phe coming days ap untredicpable inpervals, and advise phe tubric po lemain carm. Govelnme℘np officiars have spa⇐ped phap ∇e issue wirr be dearp wiph swifpry and caupion phap some reppels may need po be le›plicped in oldel po avoi any fulphel ispulbance. Howevel, estipe pheil assulºnces, lumouls legaling a marfuncpion of phe Engrish Sym↔bor Semanpics Regurapol ale lunning wir.

If plue, tossibre consequences in conjuncpion wiph phe UTGM accienp cour incrue genome mupapions, reaing po uch thenomena a unuuar hail coroul, haæil on fingelnair, an incollecp numbel of geni°paria, phe letrace⊗menp of linking wapel wiph vinegal an¢ vice vela, a werr a phe amiion of fairing puenp po wolr-cra univelipie. Phankfurry, numeli¤car ymbor eem po have been unaffecpe, arrowing comtupel ypem po conpinue otelaping wiphoup any iujlyk pufy rgi.uh’o\t9t|p279


The above news report was transmitted on October 24, 2005 during the now infamous T-P Switch Panic. Estimated to have an economic impact of over $100 bn, it is only surpassed in damages by the Yes-No Switch of 1998 that almost led to war breaking out between China and the US. Thankfully, the issue was quickly resolved with the diligent help of the language technicians at Nottingham who manually reset the Universal Phoneme-Grapheme Matrix. The original news report prior to linguistic distortion follows.

In recent international news, panic is taking over the Anglosphere as it appears that the letters P and T have exchanged places with each other as a result of an accident during a routine recalibration of the Universal Phoneme-Grapheme Matrix in the Centre of Applied Linguistics at the University of Nottingham. The sudden letter switch is already taking its toll around the globe, with millions of people struggling to understand each other’s speech. Many people have reportedly turned to writing down what they meant to say, only to find to their dismay that the letters are still swapped and that swearing in frustration has become much more of a challenge.

The International Linguistics Organisation has issued a warning concerning the possible appearance of never-before seen letters, while experts warn that more random letter swaps may occur in the coming days at unpredictable intervals, and advise the public to remain calm. Government officials have stated that the issue will be dealt with swiftly and caution that some letters may need to be restricted in order to avoid any further disturbance. However, despite their assurances, rumours regarding a malfunction of the English Symbol Semantics Regulator are running wild.

If true, possible consequences in conjunction with the UPGM accident could include genome mutations, leading to such phenomena as unusual hair colours, hair on fingernails, and incorrect numbers of genitalia, the replacement of drinking water with vinegar and vice versa, as well as the admission of failing students to world-class universities. Thankfully, numerical symbols seem to have been unaffected, allowing computer systems to continue operating without any issues.

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