One time drummer for The Who.

November 11th, 1973 is seen as one of The Who's most famous live performances. Touring in support of their Quadrophenia album, the band hit the Cow Palace in San Francisco for the tour's opening night. Before the show, drummer Keith Moon decided to indulge in alcohol with some female groupies. (Apparently) unbeknownst to Moon and the groupies, the hooch was spiked with animal tranquilizers. Halfway through the set, the drugs took effect and Moon collapsed on top of his kit a few bars into "Won't Get Fooled Again". Pete Townshend announced that the band was "going to try and revive our drummer by punching him in the stomach and giving him a custard enema," and the band slinked off stage.

After a half-hour delay, Moon announced himself fit to continue, and the band started back up again, this time with "Magic Bus". Again Moon collapsed before The Who could even finish the song. He was carried backstage again, and the remaining three performed "See Me, Feel Me" before an angry Pete Townshend turned to the audience and asked,

"Can anybody play the drums? I mean somebody good. Any takers come up here on stage."

In the chaos that followed 19-year-old Scott Halpin ended up on stage, where he was introduced as 'Scott' and tossed behind the drum kit. Townshend called for the song "Naked Eye", shouted out the time signature to Halpin, and began playing. The Who and Halpin finished off the set with "Smokestack Lighting" and "Spoonful".

In later interviews, Roger Daltrey praised Halpin's ability, claiming that the "papers missed it". Interviewed by Rolling Stone, Halpin credited The Who's stamina, admitting he was tired after just three songs. Halpin conducted a number of other interviews, but his fifteen minutes of fame would soon run out, however, and any attempts to reach him nowadays are met with curt replies and no comments.

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