Supporting character in the comic strip Peanuts. He is a pianist. He loves Chopin and Brahms, but his favorite composer is Ludwig van Beethoven. When he appears, he is usually either playing baseball or playing his toy piano.

He is also one of Charlie Brown's best friends. On the baseball team, CB pitches and he catches—that just about says it all. Some see Schroeder as a deferential character who is more likely to ask Charlie Brown "what should we do next?" then to take action, which falls well into the pitcher-catcher metaphor.

The exception, of course, is when Lucy hits on him: he screams at her and sends her off in a flying somersault into the next room.

One little-known fact about Schroeder is that the staff drawn above his piano as he plays contains real sheet music for the piece he is playing: in other words, if you play piano, you can actually play from the comic strip. Charles Schulz was anal about this, and would only draw Schroeder's music if he had an actual music book to copy it from.

Also a song from You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. It is sung by Lucy as she leans against Schroeder's piano.

Schroeder (Clark Gesner)

D'ya know something, Schroeder?
I think the way you play the piano is nice.
D'ya know something else?
It's always been my dream
That I'd marry a man who plays the piano.

At parties he'd play something nice like "April Showers."
I'm sure you could play something nice like "April Showers."
Or even "Frere Jacques."
Beethoven's nice too.

Just imagine
What would you think if someday you and I should get married?
Wouldn't you like that if someday we two should get married?

(Schroeder finishes playing and walks off in disgust)

My Aunt Marian was right... never try to discuss marriage with a musician.

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