Newark, Delaware is a small to medium sized town in Northern Delaware. The primary feature of the town is the presence of the University of Delaware, which accounts for over half the town's population when school is in session. The University is fairly well known for it's engineering departments, probably due to the heavy corporate sponsorship from around the area. If you're ever in town, looking for a place for a meal, I heartily reccomend two locations on Main Street: Klondike Kate's and The Deer Park Tavern. the former is primarily a resturant, although it has a bar, and the second is really a bar, that just happens to serve fairly good food.

The East End Cafe, strangely enough at the East End of Main Street in Newark, is a much better place to eat/drink/see bands. Also the Crab Trap, around the corner from the Deerpark, is a fun place to go, though a bit of a hole.

A little known bit of Newark history is that Edgar Allen Poe once, while drinking at the Deerpark, got thrown out for annoying the customers. On the steps of the deerpark, he cursed the town of Newark, saying that anyone who was born there, would die there. Bummer.

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