Since I've been in Switzerland this has become my favourite mid-morning snack. A schoggi gipfel is a very light, sweet pastry similar to a croissant, with a light chocolate filling.

The pastry is smaller than a croissant and the crescent shape less complete, but the looped wrapping is similar. A liberal spread of butter on the top ensures the gipfel stays moist.

Naturally, the chocolate (Swiss German "Schoggi") is excellent. It's soft, fudge-like and rich in flavour. Usually a fine example of Swiss confectionery.

At about 11am I descend the stairs past the server room with a coffee, a schoggi gipfel and a big smile, burping "gute morgen" to all and sundry. I would probably have a second one in the afternoon if they didn't all disappear so quickly. The caffeine and sugar make it an excellent start to a hard day's /[n|c]oding/.

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