The Böögg is Zürich's evil spirit of winter. Pronounced something like "Berc," The Böögg is part of an ancient tradition for the people of Zürich Canton in Switzerland.

The legend has it that at the end of the winter, brave hunters head off into the mountains to capture and subdue the malodorous Böögg. Once captured, the snowman-like Böögg is brought into Bellevue Platz in Zürich. There, in a ceremony called sechseläuten it is placed on a large pile of wood, and set alight in a ceremony culminating with the explosion of the Bööggs head and the ringing of the bells of St Peters.

Despite determined interrogation of many Zürich locals, noone can tell me where the new Bööggs come from each autumn. In fact, few locals are interested beyond getting half the day off for the celebration.

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