The novel Savrola is, with the exception of one short story, Winston S. Churchill's only work of fiction. The story takes place in the late 1800s in the fictional country of Laurania. The hero of the story, Savrola, leads a successful revolt against the President of Laurania. President Molara is killed during the revolt and Savrola captures the heart of Lucille, the President's widow.

It's an entertaining and fast moving tale with lots of action, intrigue, adventure, suspense and even romance. The story should be quite readable by a 12 year old and yet keep an adult reader entertained.

The Churchillian themes of honour, courage, and duty play a major role in the story. In fact, many believe that the character of Savrola is a combination of how Churchill saw himself to be and what he believed himself to be capable of.

There is no doubt that Churchill was quite proud of the work at the time, once referring to it as "far and away the best thing that I have ever done" (in a letter to his mother written on August 24, 1897).

The novel was published in 1899 by Longmans, Green & Co. The ISBN for a hard cover edition published in 1990 by Leo Cooper is 0-85052-255-2.

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