Latvia's sun goddess. The Latvian word for world, pasaule, literally means "under the sun."

Saule is a deity of equal or slightly lesser importance than Perkons to the people, but among the gods she is a central figure. There are many similarities between Saule and the Indian god Surya. Saule is portrayed as a mother and a daughter. Her farm on the sky mountain is next to Dievs'. Sometimes they fight, which lasts three days, which some explain through natural phenomena; i.e., the three days before the new moon when Dievs, a substitute for the moon, is not visible.

Saule is a goddess of fertility for crops, livestock and humans. She has an entire cult dedicated to her, the Sun Cult; many hymns and magical chants exist in her honor. These songs contain either expressions of thanks for her bounty or prayers seeking her aid, in relation to agriculture and to life in general. Saule's anthropomorphism is shown through her moral values and her constant interference with the living, where she punishes evil-doers like a badass. The worship places of Saule are not widely known.

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