Sam and Twitch, is a fantasy noir stylish comic book written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Angel Medina. The two title characters come from Todd McFarlane's famous Spawn series.

Detectives Sam Burke and Maximilian "Twitch" Williams are not the two most favorite guys at their precinct. They are known to work with the mysterious creature Spawn, and haven't gotten much of a better reputation out of it.

Sam is a loudmouthed, obese, and unclean man. He tends to eat quite constantly, even on a crime scene. When he doesn't eat, he's usually smoking. He's blunt, but not cruel, in fact he is quite chivalrous.

Twitch is a quiet, soft-spoken, and polite man. He has a wife and two kids who he loves dearly, but his job still comes first to him. His thick glasses, bushy moustache, and white crumpled hair, make him not look like the kind of detective who would not be able to use a gun.

The first graphic novel, Udaku, has Sam and Twitch being rehired by their Chief, after a bout as private detectives. Apparently after they had left, their precinct had gotten worse then when Sam and Twitch were there. They were immediatly put on to a crime scene with a normal "Guido" shootout. Except for the fact that there were four severed thumbs delicatly placed at the crime scene next to each other. If that wasn't weird enough, tests showed that they came from the same person, with less and less genetic stability. And another crime scene was found shortly, with four severed ears...

Sam and Twitch is very good series that really has no need of the Spawn background. It is easily read by people who have never even seen an issue of Spawn(like me). The second graphic novel should be out shortly, but after that Todd McFarlane will take over the series, as Brian Michael Bendis gives more attention to his own incredible series(Powers and Ultimate Spiderman).

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