Saint Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin,Ireland, was founded in the 12th century by Archbishop John Comyn, in replacement of an older church from the late 5th (fifth) century, on the site of a holy well used by Ol'Paddy himself for baptisms (in fact, this well was supposed to be located in the adjacent park).

The cathedral as we can see it today has little in common with its ancestor, and has been rebuilt several times. The last massive restoration occurred in the late XIXth century and was funded by Sir Benjamin Guinness - yes, the same Guinness as the beer.

Jonathan Swift was Dean of St Patrick's from 1713 to his death in 1745.

I've been there. It's quite impressive, and in the same time very peaceful - quite different from continental European cathedrals. But I must confess (with great shame) that what impressed me the most was the trunk.

The trunk of St Patrick' Cathedral in Dublin is an empty barrel of Guinness !

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