A rather scammy phrase that the SBC Corporation uses to make their Global MonopolyTM appear friendlier to the American public as well as the FTC and FCC. Instead of saying their subsidiaries are part of the SBC Corporation, they call their subsidiaries members of the SBC Global Network. You do the math--which sounds friendlier "An SBC Company" or "A member of the SBC Global Network"?

So far, the SBC Global Network consists of Southwestern Bell, Ameritech, Pacific Bell, Nevada Bell, SNET, Cellular One, and SBC Telecom.

I find it ironic that they own Cellular One, but in my area Cellular One is operated by BellSouth. Does that say something about SBC's ownership in BellSouth as well?

Who knows, tomorrow it may also consist of GTE, US West, Bell Atlantic, Sprint, MCI WorldCom, etc. It's scary to think that one of these days the FCC may have to break up SBC, and we'll have the "Baby SBC's".

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