Every American student has heard of the SAT, but when they say SAT, they usually mean SAT I, the 3 hour Math/Verbal ordeal. Most colleges in the US require this or the ACT. In addition, the more competitive colleges, such as the Ivy Leagues require at least 1 SAT II subject test, usually writing.

The SAT II's are just subject tests, each individually an hour long. They are separately taken and scored, meaning you could take one, or up to 3 in one session, if you wish.

That said, I've taken 8 of them in high school. Registration for one is easy, but you must do it way ahead or risk there not being enough seats. (go to www.collegeboard.com)

Each test is somewhere around 40-60 questions which will take up the hour.You can only take an SAT I or at maximum of 3 SAT II's during one session, you can't mix and match I's and II's.

All tests are multiple choice, but Writing has 40 minutes of multiple choice and 20 minutes for a writing sample. Scores are curved and on a scale of 200-800. 800 is a perfect score, but you don't need to get all the answers correct. Each correct answer is one point added, each wrong answer is -1/4 point. There is no penalty for omitting, but there are no points awarded. If you can eliminate at least one of the multiple choice answers, guess.

The tests:
SAT II: Writing with an essay supplement
SAT II: Literature
SAT II: Math I/II without calculator
SAT II: Biology E/M
SAT II: Chemistry
SAT II: Physics
SAT II: World History
SAT II: American History
SAT II: Spanish with or without Listening
SAT II: French with or without Listening
SAT II: Modern Hebrew
SAT II: Italian
SAT II: German with or without Listening
SAT II: Chinese with Listening
SAT II: Japanese with Listening
SAT II: Korean with Listening
SAT II: English Language Proficiency Test

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