Infamous policeman from Tokyo’s shitamachi, or lower part of town. Ryoutsu is a true edokko, born and raised in Kameari, Katsushika Ward, Tokyo. He is short, ugly, has a heavy build, and his most distinguishable characteristic is his one long eyebrow that spans over both eyes, much like the singer from Oasis. He is a shitagi dorobou and rarely, if ever, actually does work. He usually spends his time sleeping in the Kameari park police box, playing with his electronic toys, or finding some Hare'brained' scam to make money. His diet usually consists of instant noodles that he eats in the police box.

His coworkers all have varied opinions of him. He is often called hentai and sukebe and deservedly blamed for everything by his female coworkers. He is always called baka by his bucho and department chief because of his mistakes and constant goofing of at work. But he is affectionately called senpai by his 2 kouhai Nakagawa and Honda who he regularly takes advantage of.

Ryoutsu Kankichi is actually the main character in the manga, television cartoon, and movie called Kochi Kame.

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