Russian Checkers is just like International Checkers, but with the following differences:
  • The board is 8 by 8 instead of 10 by 10 squares. Each player starts the game with 12 pieces placed on the darker squares closest to him or her.
  • When a checker lands on the back row after a jump and becomes a King, if there is a jump available to it as a King, it must continue jumping as a King in the same turn. If a checker reaches the back row on a regular move (not a jump) and becomes a King, it may not make any jumps in that turn.
  • If more than one of your pieces has a jump available at the start of a turn, you do not have to jump with the piece that has the most jumps. Instead, you can choose which piece will take its jumps.
  • Once you start jumping with a piece, it must finish all of its jumps.

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