International checkers is played on a 10 by 10 square board (like a regular checkers board, but bigger). Only the dark squares are used in play. Each player begins the game with 20 pieces, or checkers, placed on the 4 rows closest to him or her.  The object of international checkers is to prevent your opponent from being able to move. You can do this by capturing all of your opponent's pieces, or by blocking your opponent so that none of his or her pieces on the board can be moved.  A draw occurs if neither player can prevent the other from making a move.

It is somewhat similar to American (familiar) checkers, but with the following important differences:

All jumps must be taken, but you can never jump over your own pieces.

Regular pieces can move both forwards and backwards, but still only one space at a time.

Jumping with a regular piece is therefore analagous to jumping with a King in American checkers.

If no jump is available, the King can move any distance, forward or backward, along an unobstructed diagonal. It must land in an unoccupied square.

Jumping with a King can give you a headache:

The King can jump any distance along a diagonal as long as the following conditions are met:
  • The piece that will be captured must be on the same diagonal as the King.
  • The King can not jump over a piece of its own color.
  • The King can only jump over one piece at a time.
  • There must be at least one empty square just beyond the piece that will be captured.

  • The King does not have to land in the first empty space beyond the piece it has jumped over. The King can choose what space it will land in, unless multiple jumps are available. In that case, the King must land in a space from which it can make the next jump.

    Multiple jumps with the King can be complicated. When the King makes its first jump in a turn, it must land on a square that will allow it to make another jump, if another jump is possible. After landing, the King can turn and jump on a different diagonal, or it can jump on the same diagonal. The King must make its multiple jumps in a way that gives it the most jumps.

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