I have this frustrating habit,
Of writing run away poems.
I start out with an idea,
And I just go with the flow.

The problems with this,
Are very apparent,
My structure is sloppy,
And the rhyming is basic.

They tend to be pointless,
With no emotional draw,
They come off as childish,
Or as confused, useless drawl.

I Google a lot of words,
That I'd like to use,
Which usually don't mean,
What I think that they do.

To be completely honest,
This is a runaway too,
And I don't know how to finish it,
Or if I'm even done yet.

I couldn't even be bothered,
To make that last one rhyme.
I need to stop writing run aways,
And wasting everyone's time.

I'm not really a poet,
I just know a decent number of words.
None of them fancy,
I'm sure they're ones you've all heard.

I'm sorry that I'm a butcher,
Of this beautiful art form.
So I won't try any harder,
I'll see myself out, a poet no more.

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