A lesser known monarch shrouded in mystery and stale beer, the rugby queen is something you may want to be, but your square and uptight friends will probably refrain from allowing it.

Although it differs from club to club, the crowning of rugby queen after matches can involve anything from drenching the carefully selected woman in beer in a sort of 'involuntary wet t-shirt contest', to singing rousing drinking songs of a decidedly sexual and unflattering nature, to much darker and less appealing activities, depending on your personal moral code.

A common phrase among rugby players is 'what goes on tour, stays on tour', so trying to get an actual, factual description of what happens to the rugby queen is a difficult task at best, and that's true even if you ask the queen herself. I was nominated for rugby queen ONCE while in college in Ohio, but was quickly whisked away by right-thinking room mates who assured me it was a title I'd rather not have.

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