An American artist, Roni Horn was shortlisted for the Citibank Photography Prize 2001. Her installation was entitled Still Water (The River Thames, for Example). Inspired by the murky waters of The Thames, it's a series of large format photographs framed by footnotes of text. The detailed images of the water are surprisingly varied and contain more than you could imagine of simple close-up picture of The Thames.

Tiny numbers all over the photo refer you to particular footnotes, which are anecdotes and thoughts written by Horn over the course of a year - they bear little or no relation to the water but work well to add depth to the images.

According to artist herself: 'Much of it was written as reverie, my reverie, evolving quickly into a manic, litany with chorus-like elements... I wrote these notes in the solitude of myself but I did so anticipating your arrival.'

Despite this rather pretentious and off-putting description of the idea behind the work, if you get the chance to see it, you will probably find something more real to take away from it, as I did.

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