A giant entertainment complex located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is a giant dome with a retractable roof. This allows any event to continue without any worries of inclimate weather. It can accomodate several sports such as Baseball and Football. The Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Argonauts have all played within this complex. Other events such as concerts can be held there too.

Toronto's White Elephant of a multi-purpose entertainment complex - too big and expensive to replace at this point. Home of the Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Argonauts, and big-time concerts and events. A transitional venue, both the last of the mongo multi-foo astroturfed behemoths (a deluge of "futuristic" stadia built and/or designed in the 70s), and the first of the ballpark-as-themepark venues, done better by later baseball-only creations, like Camden Yard and Turner Field.

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