A Mega Man version of Nintendo's Mario Party series, essentially. In 1993 Capcom released Rockboard for the NES in Japan. Players could choose to play as Mega Man, Roll, Dr. Wily, Dr. Cossack, and other characters from the Mega Man universe. However, instead of a side-scrolling action game, players participated in a board game by completing mini games and other minor tasks in exchange for points.

The game was never released in America due to a Nintendo of America policy of the day prohibiting certain types of gambling in games, something that Rockboard had in spades.

This game is extremely rare, seeing as how it had a limited production run and was only released in one country.

http://megaman.retrofaction.com/games-misc.shtml and http://www.mmhp.net/GameHints/RMBoard.html taught me all I know about Rockboard

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